Concealer Palette for W.O.C- ONLY $10.99!

Hey guys!

Welcome back to my page! I went shopping the other day at the Beauty Supply Store, and wanted to share with you guys what I picked out.  The palette below is the RK BY KISS 3D Contour Artist Cream palette, and get this- it’s only $10.99 CAD! Yes you read correctly, no need to grab your glasses, or have a friend confirm what’s on the screen. So excited to try this little baby out because it looks like it’s made for women of colour which I’m totally all about.

palette with face


number palette









So I want to give you guys some idea on how I would use this palette, and in turn give you guys some ideas as well.

  1. Spot corrector to cover up any fun acne scars or uninvited pimples
  2. Power sculptor to make me feel like I have some intense chiseled cheek bones
  3. Under eye concealer to pretend that I got at least eight hours of sleep instead of five
  4. Same as number two, but for one shade lighter than myself
  5. Powder to put in the corner of my eyes so when I cake on mascara I can look extra doe-eyed like Bambi
  6. Same as number 3, but for one shade darker than myself
  7. Beautiful highlight so that I can shine bright like a diamond
  8. Colour corrector for around my upper lip so I don’t look like I have a mustache if my foundation chooses to oxidize that day

Now here’s some swatches of the shades that I’m suuuuper excited about!

full hand swatch

Btw I picked up this L.A. Girl colour corrector(seen in the first photo), but I’m not sure if I’ll return it since I have pretty much the same shade in this palette. Also, let me know if you guys have this palette or if you’ve tried anything from this brand (RK BY KISS). Stay tuned for a makeup of the day look, along with a review. Thanks for reading guys! Talk to you soon 🙂


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